How does the KISS system work?

The KISS system is very simple. At exactly time XXXX, you will place two pending trades based on the system rules then leave your computer for the rest of the day. That's it, you're done!

Lets look at some Real Trade Examples

The price moved an amazing 90+ pips after the system triggered an entry and we caught all of it in profit

Here the price moved up a full 100+ pips right after the system entered us into a long buy position. We caught most of this huge move. The KISS trading method usually never leaves profit on the table and catches most of the large moves to their fullest extent.

Where are the indictors? There are none. We do not use ANY indicators at all. Not a single moving average, pivot point, or oscillator. All of our trades are based on timing and market flow mixed with smart money management.


The Kiss System has been live and selling well for over 18 months and continues to produce amazing results day after day.

Perhaps the best part of this entire system is that it makes money without you having to sit at your computer all day. You only need to be at your computer for 3 minutes per day at the same exact time (early morning London time). Its a true "Set and Forget" trading method that takes minutes per day.

Can't be at your computer? No worries - I will give you a trading robot (forex EA) for free to place the trades for you.