A Simple Set and Forget Forex System That

Uses No Indicators

Averages +75 to +150 Pips per Month
Requires only 3 minutes per day
Includes a Metatrader Expert Advisor (forex EA) for Auto-Trading
Plus two 5 extra profitable trading systems as a Free Bonus!

Did you know the GBP/USD pair moves in one of three predictable patterns each and every day? After watching the forex market for the past six years, I started to see patterns where nobody else thought to look. Using this information combined with a winning money management strategy, the KISS forex trading system was born!

If you're like me, you've tried every technical indicator made, spent hundreds of hours reading through long forum topics about the current best trading system only to later watch in horror as these magical systems took your account into larger and larger drawdown. You are probably thinking.......

There Must Be A Better Way to Trade!

I was determined to find a better and safer way to trade the foreign exchange market. After three years of hard work mixed with a little bit of luck, I developed the KISS Automated Forex Trading System. The KISS trading system works because its based on two fundamental principles (not some magical indicator) that have withstood the test of time: